• Apache Ignite 2.9 Brings Cluster Snapshots & Tracing

    The Apache Ignite community released version 2.9 in October. Read the blog post by Ignite development team that summarizes the changes. For a video overview of the key changes, watch Denis Magda's quick summary. For a look at .NET-specific features and improvements in Ignite 2.9, read Pavel Tupitsyn's blog post. Finally, for the complete list of changes, read the Release Notes.
  • GridGain Operator for Kubernetes

    The GridGain Operator enables you to deploy and manage Apache Ignite and GridGain clusters in a Kubernetes environment. The automation that Kubernetes and the GridGain Operator provide simplifies provisioning and minimizes the burden of operating and managing Apache Ignite clusters.
  • GridGain 8.7.16 Release

    This release has set of fixes, improvements and also new useful features. Updates include memory warm-up on node restarts, transactions support by C++ thin client, and Ignite .NET services invocation from Java.