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Need to transform data in MySQL database

  • 1.  Need to transform data in MySQL database

    Posted 06-27-2019 11:07 AM
    Hey all. I'm thinking about using GridGain Community Edition. I need to transform some data in a MySQL database. We have a table, for example, that looks like this: 

    Data Table:
    id val0_cv_id val1_cv_id val2_cv_id
    1  2              2               1
    2  2              3               null
    the cv_id columns are foreign keys to this table:

    Code Values
    id value_name
    1  feature_z
    2  feature_a
    3  feature_b

    The tool the data science team needs the data in the database to be in the following format:

    data_table_row_id has_feature_a has_feature_b has_feature_z
    1                          1                    0                    1
    2                          1                    1                    0

    Essentially, rotating the data 90 degrees about the origin and "binarizing" it.

    Is it possible for GCE to do this, and then allow third party tools (Like a SQL client or Metabase or Tableau) to connect to the transformed Ignite dataset?

  • 2.  RE: Need to transform data in MySQL database

    Posted 06-28-2019 11:14 AM
    Hi Landow, 
    I think you could write a Cache Store loader that did this transformation before passing data to be put in cache.

    Hope that helps!

    Linda Berg