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List of ports used

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  • 1.  List of ports used

    Posted 07-09-2019 05:09 PM
    Hello, is there any documentation that lists the inbound/outbound ports GridGain Community Edition uses? I'm standing up an EC2 cluster and need to define an AWS security group that does more than allow everything. 

    Scott Keeler

  • 2.  RE: List of ports used
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    Posted 07-10-2019 01:19 AM

    GridGain actually lists all ports that it uses upon startup, when started in verbose mode:

    >>> Local ports: TCP:10800 TCP:11211 TCP:47100 UDP:47400 TCP:47500

    It is possible that this list does not include 8080, which is bound if you use rest-http module.


    Ilya Kasnacheev
    Community Support Specialist