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Slides from June 26 NYC IMC Meetup

  • 1.  Slides from June 26 NYC IMC Meetup

    Posted 06-27-2019 12:30 PM
    Hello everyone. Here are the slides from last night's meetup in Manhattan. Specifically, these are from the talks around Alluxio, GridGain and Confluent. Click here to visit the download page (free).

    Tom Diederich
    Director of Community Engagement
    GridGain Systems

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    Bay Area IMC Meetup

  • June 26 is the date of the next NYC IMC Meetup

    Join us in New York on June 26! Attend our “how-to” presentation for building a real-time alerting, analytics and reporting system (at scale). With Denis Magda, vice president of the Apache Ignite PMC and director of product management at GridGain Systems. And Viktor Gamov, developer advocate at Confluent