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  • Ken, Those warning messages are innocuous. It means that Ignite/GridGain uses the APIs that are hidden deep in JVM. We use those APIs for memory management needs. Btw, what's your GridGain version? The message below is not printed in the latest versions: ...

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  • Thank Andrei, I entered your settings into the Eclipse [Run Configurations | Arguments] tab and things seem ok now. I still get this warning when I run the ClientPutGetExample in my version of Eclipse (4.11.1) - but the programs do run ok it seems. ...

  • Hi Ken, Running Gridgain with java of version >8 requires the additional configuration: When you start Gridgain via and ignite.bat then these recommendations will ...

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  • Hi, I have imported the GG CE Maven project "gridgain-advanced-examples"into Eclipse, and believe I have run the Run As Maven clean and build with no errors. But when I try to run the program, I get an error that current Java version ...

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    RE: h2 version question

    Why do you need a custom H2 version? It's recommended to use the version that is tested and shipped with a particular GridGain version. Btw, consider GridGain WebConsole for schema importing tasks: ...

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  • Welcome to the new GridGain Forums!

    Hello and welcome to the new GridGain Forums. This is the place to ask questions, get or give advice and connect with your peers. GridGain experts regularly monitor these posts and can also help solve your issues.

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