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  • Jan 13, 10:00AM (PT) - Join this demo, led by Andrey Alexandrov. Andrey guides you through the internal workings of GridGain Nebula, a managed services offering for Apache Ignite and GridGain. Andrey provides a brief overview of the solution's technology stack and architecture.
  • Dec 9, 10:00AM (PT) - Typically, operations exceed fifty percent of the cost of an IT system’s life cycle. By developing applications that can be easily managed, developers can significantly reduce the cost of ownership. Manageability is especially important for distributed applications because they are especially complex and often mission-critical.
  • Dec 2, 09:00AM (PT) - Kafka with Debezium and GridGain connectors enables change data capture (CDC) based synchronization between third-party databases and GridGain clusters. Synchronization that is based CDC does not require coding; all it requires is to prepare configuration files for each of the points.

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