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  • On July 13th members of the Moscow community gathered to make the first steps with Apache Ignite platform under supervision of Dmitry Pavlov - Apache Ignite PMC and Leading GridGain Engineer. About 20 people learned how to start and configure the cluster, ...

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  • On July 14 Apache Ignite users shared their experience on the AI in Petersburg . The first case is IMDG for calculating the margins of trade contracts in Heineken. The second is the Gazpromneft industrial platform. Both talks Community Russia YouTube ...

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  • Webinar in Russian: Speed and Scale existing applications

    You will learn how companies have not only added speed and scale to their existing applications without major architectural changes, but have also built a foundation for improving the customer experience.  This session provides an overview of how companies have successfully adopted in-memory computing as an in-memory data grid (IMDG), and some of their best practices.

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