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  • SELECT a, b FROM "table1".table1 table1 ORDER BY a DESC UNION ALL SELECT a, b FROM "table1".table1 table1 ORDER BY a ASC Above query does not work. Individually, union all works and order by works, but does not work when together. Can some one please ...

  • Hi Brad, c ould you please clarify how your data is collocated? ------------------------------ Larry Dregan data scientist Cadence ------------------------------

  • I am trying to run the nested join query with partitioned caches but faced data loss. Along with this can you help me understand how these checks(Allow non-collocated joins ,enforce join order) works with the join.Is it mandatory to check them to work ...

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  • Have a basic question or two around Apache® Ignite™? Join the conversation! Connect with other users here. ------------------------------ Tom Diederich Director of Community Engagement GridGain Systems ------------------------------


  • What is Apache Ignite?

    Apache® Ignite™ is an open-source distributed database, caching and processing platform designed to store and compute on large volumes of data across a cluster of nodes. Ignite was open-sourced by GridGain Systems in late 2014 and accepted in the Apache Incubator program that same year.

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