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Getting Started with GridGain Community Edition

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  • Introducing the GridGain 'Challenge of the Week!'

    This new weekly series will challenge members of the new GridGain Forums with questions, use-case scenarios or exercises associated with Apache® Ignite and/or GridGain Community Edition.

    Winners will be determined by GridGain Support experts – the first person to post the correct or acceptable response will receive a free ticket to the In-Memory Computing Summit, a $100 Amazon gift card and a GridGain t-shirt.

    GridGain Community Edition is an open source in-memory computing platform. Built on Apache Ignite, it includes additional functionality, tuning and patches developed by GridGain to deliver optimal performance.

  • Apache Ignite Community Resources

    In addition to this forum, there are many ways you can get help from the Apache® Ignite™ community. Visit the link below to learn more.

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