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  • Thanks for your reply! We inevitably need to use "insert into" for BigFileBatch processing. Do you have any plans to improve this conflict mechanism? Best Wishes, ------------------------------ Qiaoqiao Sun office staff ASUS Technology --------- ...

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    Yes , it is running on the same host. From the server log. >>> Local ports: TCP:8080 TCP:10800 TCP:11211 TCP:47100 TCP:47500 ------------------------------ Rag ------------------------------

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    Hello! Are you sure that GridGain was running at the time, on the same host? Can you please enable verbose logging (ignite.sh -v, or -DIGNITE_QUIET=false) and share the >>> Local ports: line from log? Regards, ------------------------------ Ilya ...

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    It failed with the default port 11211 and 11212 as well control --activate WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING: Illegal reflective access by org.apache.ignite.internal.util.GridUnsafe$2 (file:/C:/Work/Raghav/Downloads/apache-ignite-2.9.0-bin/apache-ignite-2.9.0-bin/libs/ignite-core-2.9.0.jar) ...

  • Hello! As a workaround you can try MERGE INTO instead of INSERT INTO, since it would not produce and collect insert conflicts. You may also use smaller batches of INSERTs or increase the amount of available memory. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism ...


  • GridGain 8.7.16 Release

    This release has set of fixes, improvements and also new useful features. Updates include memory warm-up on node restarts, transactions support by C++ thin client, and Ignite .NET services invocation from Java.
  • In-Memory Computing Summit 2020 Complimentary Registration

    The In-Memory Computing Summit is the only industry-wide event that covers the full range of in-memory computing-related technologies and solutions. Claim your complimentary pass today!

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