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    Is it possible to start multiple nodes on the same host using the grid gain community edition? If yes guide me configurations to change where should I change the port numbers and node configurations for each node ? Thank you ------------------------------ ...

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    You have a couple of options to point Web Console Agent to your jdbc drivers. First, have you already downloaded your JDBC Driver(s) for InnoDB (MySQL)? If not, you can start here: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/ Once you have your driver ...

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  • Posted in: General Questions

    I am connecting my NodeJs project to GCE. I have configured my cluster and connected the Web Console Agent but when I click on the "Import Database" button I get following error: Agent Failed to find JDBC driver Copy required JDBC driver into 'jdbc-drivers' ...

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  • Posted in: Troubleshooting

    Ken, Those warning messages are innocuous. It means that Ignite/GridGain uses the APIs that are hidden deep in JVM. We use those APIs for memory management needs. Btw, what's your GridGain version? The message below is not printed in the latest versions: ...

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  • Posted in: Troubleshooting

    Thank Andrei, I entered your settings into the Eclipse [Run Configurations | Arguments] tab and things seem ok now. I still get this warning when I run the ClientPutGetExample in my version of Eclipse (4.11.1) - but the programs do run ok it seems. ...

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