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  • Yes, this is a bug and I am going to fix it. But the fix will be available only in the next Ignite release. For now I see only one workaround - give unique name for your fields. ------------------------------ Evgeniy Rudenko Programmer GridGain ---- ...

  • Hi Evgeniy, First of all thanks for answering. According to the code the annotation fields are only processed after the addProperty method (the method where i get the exception from). So the properties that we add in the @QuerySqlField annotation ...

  • Hi Nuno, This restriction was added because if key and value types of an SQL-enabled cache have the same fields annotated with `@QuerySqlEntity` the cache will start without errors, but the key's field will not be queryable: Checking why setting of names ...

  • Hello Evgenii, I'm trying to access bean using Java. I want to get data certain caches and for all, both of them. So I think that need a list of all the cache names and all the dataRegion names. Thank you so much :) I'll waiting for reply. ...

  • Hi Grace, How are you accessing these beans? Do you use Java or some monitoring tool? Do you want to get data only for certain caches or for all? ------------------------------ Evgenii Zhuravlev Team Lead GridGain Systems -------------------------- ...

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