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    Hello I'm facing the same problem. And more of that, as Ignite use an internal reuse list, totalallocated page could be not exact, when data are dropped. So, as some people said to me in Ignite forum, I did check in inernal API. As I don't have righs ...

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    Hello! I don't think GridGain keeps precise per-cache accounting in in-memory mode. You can still use ignite.dataRegionMetrics( "default" ).getTotalAllocatedPages() You can place caches that needs to be accounted separately to different data regions. ...

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    Hi, Ilya! Unfortunately, CacheGroupMetricsMxBean#getTotalAllocatedPages returns 0 if persistence is disabled , regardless of CacheConfiguration#setStatisticsEnabled() and both DataRegion, DataStorage #setMetricsEnabled ​. And CacheMetrics#getOffHeapAllocatedSize​​ ...

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    Hello! You can ask Maven to download all dependencies, however, it is a question that is outside of scope of GridGain discussions. Regards, ------------------------------ Ilya Kasnacheev Community Support Specialist GridGain ---------------------- ...

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    Hi IIya, we did not have access to maven packages as we cannot go out from the network. can I do the built on windows machine using the Eclipse IDE and deploy it on the linux server/ can we do it this way? ------------------------------ kumar Pinumalla ...

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