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    Hello! Glad that you got it working! Regards, ------------------------------ Ilya Kasnacheev Community Support Specialist GridGain ------------------------------

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    We just changed the location /agents section in the web-console-frontend-configmap.yaml to: proxy_set_header Origin https://tvpp-ignite.telitcaas1.t-internal.com; And this resolves our's issue. Kind Regards, Konstantin ------------------------------ ...

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    Dear Andrey, Yes, we use the same token. But, we have the following issues: vendors~app.8521a74….js:2138 WebSocket connection to 'ws://ignite-web-console-frontend.otc.mshop.csolab.ru/browsers?demoMode=false' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: ...

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    Hello! Have you checked if agent uses same user's security token as you can find on profile page in Web Console? Also check that you don't have network problems. To check, open developer console in your browse, select the 'network' tab and see if there ...

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    Dear GridGain team, The GridGain Web Console does not determine to ignite clusters and render any cluster data. We are using the OpenShift Platform, and deploy GridGain stack according to the official documentation . Our deployment configuration ...

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