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    Hello! Thank you for this input, we will improve our documentation. Regards, ------------------------------ Ilya Kasnacheev Community Support Specialist GridGain ------------------------------

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    Using gridgain webconsole i have imported the schema from postgresql database & have configured the schema & cache names using webUI and have downloaded the project. Gridgain cluster is deployed in openshift container based environment , where gridgain ...

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    Hi llya... Thanks for your response. Official gridgain docker image of webagent comes with root user privileges .. so i cannot copy anything on default jdbc path.. (Actually it does't exist, so we cannot create as container is running on root access). ...

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    Hello! You need to put JDBC driver for your database into jdbc-drivers/ subdirectory in your Web Agent directory, and restart Web Agent. Please see https://apacheignite-tools.readme.io/docs/getting-started#section-configuration Regards, ------------------------------ ...

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    Hello! GridGain will automatically assign new ports to nodes as they are started on the same host. The main hassle to do that is that you need to specify different igniteInstanceName for every node, and specify Discovery SPI so that they can discover ...

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